Monday, March 19, 2012

Parc des Rapides

I just discovered the Parc des Rapides close to our house last week - it's pretty invisible from Lasalle blvd but is quite extensive and totally exquisite. Here are some pictures of the last several days...

Ms. G - the only thing the pictures can't capture is, of course, the rushing sound of the water! So amazing!

Me perching (taken by Ms. G).

Pebbles and spiderwebs.

This dude was fishing.

I took a trillion pictures of trees and plant life.

More old guys fishing.

Birds' nests.

The very next day was sunny, hot and clear! This picture, as well as the next few, are just random portraits of the people chilling around the park.

Adorable couple (babysitting, apparently).



That evening I brought Mr T for a picnic.


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