Friday, December 24, 2010

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men: A Photo Essay.

Ooo, flax bread. I show you this now to prove I'm not a total failure. Moving on...

I had plans. I bought a protractor, I bought Jolly Ranchers, we decided on Kit-Kat stairs and icing sugar snow and all kinds of tiny delights. I measured angles. I did trigonometry. I was ready.

Nice work space...

The cuts going well...

Failure #1: Apparently there were no yellow Jolly Ranchers, so I used the yellow rock candy Katie gave me. Um, it apparently doesn't melt at the same temperature that Jolly Ranchers do. The rest of the candy was boiling and it hadn't melted. So the yellow was in chunk form. But, okay, still pretty, right?

Then sh*t started breaking.

Several times. I valiantly iced things together, over and over, during last night and this morning. After the ... 5th? time things broke, I surveyed the damage and decided, to heck with this.

(This is what I did with the extra icing I had because of my decision to give up on the ginger-church. The weird-looking blobs are the result of my frustration last night when the icing bag wasn't working. Did I mention that part?)

So I used what was going to be the bell tower to make a tiny ginger-church.

Pretty cute, huh?

Last night after things broke... say, the 3rd time, and I'd come close to scrapping the whole project that many times, I decided not to, thinking God was trying to teach me perseverance. But no. I think God was trying to teach me humility. And to know when to cut your losses and GIVE UP!!

Happy Feast of the Nativity everybody!!

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  1. Wow, that is so cute! I think it was a success, even with all the difficulties along the way. =)