Monday, September 20, 2010


Marriage is not what you expect
Despite best intentions, there are some things
you cannot share with your spouse -
I don't mean secrets, fantasies, old emnities, or scars
These are what you expect to be hard
and find, to great joy, are not -
when there is kindness, and honesty,
light prevails.
It's smaller details.
If your husband
is not an early morning riser,
or indeed much of a walk-taker -
You cannot show him the first sweet light
in autumn, at the park - stillness,
blazing ruby leaves stuck with dew to still-green grass,
the neighbour's flowers sun-drunk, still pink, orange, purple, blue,
despite the chill
Damp, softly muting sand, cold; tiny footprints, untouched
You cannot tell of quiet, and peace.
The mixed smells
of leaves, earthy, starting to turn
your soap, aroma rising from still-wet hair,
cannot be given, hand to mouth (gentle, earnest nourishment), despite your love.
The fine, delicate sights -
single strands of spider's web
highlighted as it wavers in the air -
diamonds all around, moisture
as well as dryness and death -
decay, as well as ripening fruit.
Sun-dappled - the big, broad leaves - the tiny ones - the in-betweens:
These treasures instead must fill your heart,
through surrender, be transfigured
into light -
that which you can give,
thanking God for this singular election,
this divine vocation,
learning to share in a different way.


  1. Amy, I don't know if you would have thought of this but when I needed some pillow stuffing once, I went to Walmart to check out the price and I noticed that the batting they sell is more expensive than buying an actual pillow or two (some pillows, some are VERY expensive), and switching over the batting to my new project. I ended up re-fluffing and recycling the batting form an old pillow, because I didn't wanna waste buying a pillow with casing and throwing the casing away, but your getting my point of course. Look around.
    Also, new batting squishes down A LOT, so buy a lot for your breastfeeding pillow, because you want it to be firm.

  2. Ambrose is just warming up for the big event. He's saying... get ready mommy because here I come!! >.<

  3. HE'S HERE!!!!!!! :D How exciting!!! :)